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Address:No. 8 Jingsheng Road, Jingkou Industrial Park, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China, 400033.

TEL: 0086-23-61727350

E-mail: sales@cqpump.com


Technical strength

    The company set up the first pump Industrial Technology Research Center of the Southwest, but also nationally recognized product technology development center, with fluid mechanics, fluid machinery, chemical machinery, plumbing, electrical and automation control professional, with more than 90 patents technology, of which more than 30 patented centrifugal technology, more than 20 reciprocating diaphragm metering pump, a gear pump patented chemical technology, an environmentally friendly product patents, with one, two, three types of pressure vessel design and manufacture of eligibility. Products won several national, ministerial and municipal and Technology Progress Award, quality products Award and many other awards.

    Company quality assurance system: obtain ISO9001 international quality system certification, mechanical and military product quality system accreditation certificate nuclear safety certification. Product development, research, design, production, testing, assembly, testing and after-sales service and other sectors, has a tight organization and management tool.

    The company is the Southwest pump product testing center, product testing means complete. There 6000V balancing test machine, universal testing machines, flaw detectors, microscopes and other testing equipment more than 50 sets, with a mechanics of materials laboratory, physical and chemical analysis room, computer metering pump test stand, reciprocating pump test bench, test bench pump, centrifugal pumps testing station, complete sets of equipment testing center.