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Address:No. 8 Jingsheng Road, Jingkou Industrial Park, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China, 400033.

TEL: 0086-23-61727350

E-mail: sales@cqpump.com



Faithfulness, perseverance, innovation, harmony and common prosperity of Chongqing Pump Works Co., Ltd. 50 years of history of the development of precipitation corporate culture, has become a common core values and code of conduct of all employees of the company. Vibrant business, upbeat staff, cooperative and harmonious team is the company win market competition, towards a more brilliant winning magic.

Enterprise purpose: to create value for customers, create happiness for their employees, create wealth for the community

Entrepreneurial spirit: faithful tenacity, innovation and improvement

Core values: responsibility, integrity, create win-win

Core competitiveness of enterprises: talent, innovation, brand

Business Ethics: Houde man, Ericsson corporate governance

Vision: Chongqing manufacturing equipment China, the World Brand

Business philosophy: the goal is king, shared prosperity

Management concept: strict management meticulous, standardized management standardization, innovation management full of

Quality philosophy: to appear ashamed of 0.01% questions in order to achieve 100 per cent of eligible proud

Talent concept: respect for knowledge and talent, Understand use, both moral and

Market philosophy: the customer's needs is the market

Security concept: miss every risk, not reported to have every trace of luck

Team concept: a shared history of struggle, sharing the hardships ahead, sharing the joy of success

Philosophy: everything done carefully, work happy every day