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Address:No. 8 Jingsheng Road, Jingkou Industrial Park, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China, 400033.

TEL: 0086-23-61727350

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In 1951, the company predecessor, Public-operated Qianjin Fire Extinguisher Factory, was established.

In 1955, China’s first high-pressure reciprocating pump

In 1957, Qianjin Fire Extinguisher Factory was renamed Chongqing Pump Works

In 1967, China’s first metering pump was developed successfully.

In 1987, China’s first descaling pump was developed successfully

In 1996, won ISO9001 Quality System Certificate.

In 1998, China’s first centrifugal descaling system was put into operation in Anshan Iron & Steel Company.

In 1999, independently developed reciprocating hydraulic diaphragm pump was put into operation.

In 2001, the company won the Certificate of Conformity of Quality System Certification of Machinery Military Product Supplier.

In 2002, renamed Chongqing Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

In 2005, high-pressure self-balancing centrifugal pump obtained the third prize of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

In 2006, hydrotest pump for nuclear power was developed successfully.

In 2008, a ribbon-cutting ceremony for new factory going into operation was held.

In 2010, production licenses for both nuclear safety class 2 placement pump and centrifugal pump were obtained.

In 2012, carbamate and liquid ammonia for fertilizer industry were developed successfully.

In 2014, won second prize of China science & technology progress

In 2015, Product enter the American market

In 2016, 40MPa(BB5 pump)centrifugal system tested successfully