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Address:No. 8 Jingsheng Road, Jingkou Industrial Park, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China, 400033.

TEL: 0086-23-61727350

E-mail: sales@cqpump.com



Welcome CHONGQING PUMP INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Company website, and sincerely hope that this website you can promote a better understanding of our company and understanding.


CHONGQING PUMP INDUSTRY CO., LTD. As the pump market domestic brands, has always been to technological innovation, product differentiation, making great strides on the path of development of high-end technology. 63 years, generations re-pumped deep thinking, hard work, brilliant interpretation of a legend, bred "faithful tenacity, innovation and improvement," the spirit of heavy pump!

With the rapid development of national economy, accelerate the development of Chongqing, the pump is facing opportunities and challenges facing the new "intensive, large-scale" development. In the majority of users of the trust and support of the joint efforts of all staff, we will actively integrate internal resources, according to enterprises, "strict fine management, standardization and standardized management, innovation management full of" standards and improve enterprise management, improve the company's overall operational efficiency. Strive for users to create sophisticated pumps and equipment to provide quality service, with "Chongqing made" to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the national industry.

Recalling the past, we are proud of is: to provide users with a satisfactory product to 63 years of sustained profitability impressive performance for the development of Chongqing equipment manufacturing industry to make its due contribution. Looking to the future, our own future and the future with confidence and strength, we will persevere to scale new heights, in the "equipment China, the world's brands," the grand vision forward.

We sincerely hope that you: work together to create brilliant!

CHONGQING PUMP INDUSTRY CO, LTD, general manager:9c9ea9c.jpg

August 15, 2013