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Staff Running 2022

2022-01-06 16:20:15 589


Staff Running 2022


On December 31, 2021, CQPI employees at home welcomed the approaching new year of 2022 by running around the factory. All CQPI management participated the race, and Peng Zhong, General Manager, chaired over the whole activity.



Before the competition, national flag raising ceremony was held. Li Fangzhong of CQPI chairman, made an enthusiastic New Year speech, briefly reviewed achievements of various sectors, and called on all staff to keep personal sport input both at work and life in the coming new year with better and stronger healthy and look.


CQPI has so far held four rounds of new-year racing. By means of running around the factory, it further enhances united strength and sense of belonging of all employees, helps to promote employees at all levels to focus on production and operation with higher initiative and work efficiency, aiming to contributions of forging dream of "Centennial CQPI".(Source-CQPI;English-YYG)