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Frame Agreement on Metallurgical Operation Platform

2022-03-06 15:08:54 663


Frame Agreement on Metallurgical Operation Platform


Recently in this February, the signing and release ceremony of MCC CISDI metallurgical operation platform was held in Shanghai. Mr. Pan Zhimin, deputy general manager of CQPI, was invited to present and signed the cooperation framework agreement with MCC CISDI Shanghai Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. The management of MCC CISDI headquarter and relevant personnel from CQPI overseas market attended the meeting.


It is reported that metallurgical operation service is an important direction for MCC CISDI to provide full life-cycle services for the steel industry, expanding from engineering design and construction to engineering operation. Relying on CISDI Shanghai, the metallurgical operation platform focuses on signing major suppliers of critical equipment and service, covering fields of equipment manufacturing, remanufacturing, function contracting in the iron and steel industry, committed to providing overseas iron and steel enterprise customers with integrated metallurgical operation services, aimed at energy conservation, environmental protection, quality improvement and efficiency increase.


MCC CISDI is the core subsidiary of MCC group, which belongs to China Min-metals Group, one of global top 500 companies. Headquartered in Chongqing, MCC CISDI has set up over 20 subsidiaries around the world, with comprehensive Grade A qualification for engineering design. After decades of deep cultivation in the metallurgical industry, it has formed a business system of "taking high-end consulting as the guide, making four major sectors in iron and steel engineering technology, intelligent informatization, urban construction, energy conservation and environmental protection".


As a wholly-owned company of CME Group, CQPI is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing, sales, and service of industrial pumps. CQPI pumps are widely used in industries of steel, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power, municipal, civil nuclear and so on, with global exports to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.


The signing of this agreement is fully based on the principle of mutual benefit and voluntariness, which embodies the complementary industrial advantages and joint benefits of both sides, highlights the common willingness to build an overseas metallurgical operation platform, and further strengthens the mutual cooperation basis to jointly expand the overseas metallurgical market. YYG