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New Appraisal Focus Serial 1-Mineral Metallurgy & Steel Mill

2022-01-17 18:00:00 687


New Appraisal Focus Serial 1-Mineral Metallurgy & Steel Mill


On December 17 of 2021, China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association jointly organized a national appraisal meeting of new products in CQPI office building. The four models of pumps independently developed by CQPI, high-temperature & high-pressure centrifugal hydrogenation feed pump, ultra-high pressure oilfield water injection pump, magnetic induction controlled hydraulic diaphragm pump, and ultra-high inlet pressure multistage centrifugal pump, finally passed the appraisal.


In view of breakthrough significance of application above in critical process area of iron and steel, mining and metallurgy, oil & gas and chemical, CQPI is scheduling to launch serial special reports based on appraisal and technical data to meet expectation of industrial end users.

 1. 矿冶应用-矿浆隔膜泵(3D14型磁感应液压控制)

Mining Application-Mineral Diaphragm Pump(Model 3D14, Magnetic Induction & Hydraulic Control)

(1)   工况参数/Service Data





Structure: hydraulic reciprocating diaphragm pump

Flow: 600m3/h

Discharge pressure: 8Mpa

Medium: mineral slurry (high temperature, high concentration, acid)

(2)   技术亮点/Technical Highlights


Oil replenishment and drainage device in method of magnetic-induction or mechanical in customized option, optimize flow channel of pump chamber, and avoid material deposition.

(3)   典型应用/Typical Application


Mine smelting, slurry pipeline transportation and tailings filling are applicable to copper mine, iron ore, nickel mine and coal mine slurry.

(4)   现场业绩/Site Reference



CQPI reciprocating hydraulic diaphragm pump began in the 1980s, has formed a full range of parameters and models, suitable for various pressure and flow conditions in mining and metallurgy. In addition to domestic supply of main mining and metallurgy players, it also participates in global competition to serve world customers, such as Gerdau Brazil, Shouxin Mineral Peru, Ruimu of Papua New Guinea, Huayou Indonesia, etc.

2. 钢铁应用-超高进口压离心泵
  Steel Application-Centrifugal Pump of Ultra-high Inlet Pressure

(1)   主要参数/Main Data


出口压力:Max. 40Mpa




结构:双壳体筒袋泵,API BB5,可串联、可双轴电机驱动。

Inlet pressure: 22 ~ 25MPa

Outlet pressure: max. 40MPa

Medium: clean circulating water and turbid circulating water

Flow: 140m3 / h

Head: 1600m

Structure: double-casing barrel pump, API BB5, able to be connected in series and driven by double shaft motor.

(2)   典型应用/Typical Application


High pressure water descaling system for hot rolling of iron and steel, suitable for rough rolling and finish rolling descaling lines of plates, billets, and bars.

(3)   现场业绩/Site Reference



In past decades of innovation and development of high pressure water descaling system, CQPI has become an excellent supplier in system design and equipment supply.


In China, CQPI has covered 98% HP centrifugal pump descaling market include BAOSTEEL, and over30% of HP reciprocating pump descaling.


In overseas, CQPI has served several famous steel mills, including Korea POSCO, Turkey TOSYALI, Vietnam FORMOSA, India JINDAL, and Indonesia GRP.


As one of the key members in Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) Co. Ltd. (CME), CQPI has created an operation miracle of “No Loss Making” since its establishment in 1951. It is worthy of the name of “Little Giant Enterprise” in CME and China pump industry.

With its leading technical strength and market advantages as well as its pragmatic management team, CQPI continues to pioneer the development of high-medium pump industry of China, providing complete pumping system solutions for global customers in oil and gas, chemical industry, steel, mining, power, and other areas.(YYG)