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Direct Order from Malaysia Refinery

2022-02-26 13:00:00 661

Direct Order from Malaysia Refinery


Early beginning of 2022, CQPI has won a direct order of raw water pump unit from a known Malaysian refinery plant, making another new breakthrough in its overseas market journey.


The new supply of pump unit from CQPI will be used for the well-known Dickson port project of a former famous Malaysian Oil Refinery, to replace the existing pumps as operation pump, responsible for raw water transport in the process of oil refining. After rounds of one-year-almost-long technical communication and clarifications, comprehensively considering onsite revamp and space optimization, the VS1 pump of CQPI finally stood out among other counterparts, became client’s preferred choice, finally awarded for this bid.



As an international well-known oil refining enterprise, the client has a great industrial influence in Malaysia and international oil refining area. CQPI has been shortlisted in customer supply system with direct supply this time, which will be greatly contributed to in-depth expansion of various types of industrial pumps in the field of oil and gas and refining globally.


As a comprehensive manufacturer of domestic industrial pumps, CQPI pumps have been widely used in steel, petroleum, refining, chemical, municipal and civil nuclear fields, with global exports of over 30 countries and regions around the world. By taking advantage of national program of “Belt & Road”, CQPI is striving to a further solid step for new overseas journey with this start of first direct supply to petrol and refinery projects in Malaysia. (Source-CQPI; English-YYG)