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Success Delivery of POSCO Descaling System

2019-12-23 20:00:26 420

重泵公司成功交付韩国浦项制铁 K4H除鳞二期项目
Success Delivery of POSCO Descaling System


On December 21 of 2019, CQPI succeeded in final delivery of POSCO K4H descaling system 2019. This continuous batch of cargo loaded with CQPI hopes departs from Yangshan Seaport of Shanghai across oceans by ship of national program of "Belt & Road" .



It is a capacity increase program of HRM in second phase this time, while the first-phase project was then designed and manufactured by CQPI in complete descaling system in 2012. POSCO invites global tenders for the second-phase project. Top pump manufacturers in steel from China, Japan, and the United States participate in the bidding. CQPI frustrated its competitors to stand out to win the bidding of customer recognition in the end, based on its own manufacturing strength and extensive references both domestic and overseas as well its leading integrated advantages of steel descaling system.



For a global steel giant, CQPI management has always been placing high importance on POSCO for its market position as well as its project influence. After winning the bid for phase II project, considering such difficulties as strict technical requirements, complicated process witness and tight delivery schedule, Li Fangzhong of CQPI Chairman has paid close attention to project progressing, and a project team was established in CQPI headed by General Manager Peng Zhong. The key team members came from core department like Technology, Operation, Production, Quality, Steel, and Overseas Market. The biggest challenge of this project is the vibration performance guarantee and comparatively short delivery timeline, CQPI people worked together in good team spirt from top management to bottom workshop. With careful organization from project team, the technical team continued to optimize the hydraulic model and design details based on gained experience from initial project, the manufacturing team competed for each single second to catch the progress, and key processes finally passed onsite witness inspection from TUV and POSCO at one time, which were highly recognized and appreciated by experts from POSCO. It is only six years from 2013 to 2019, while the second order wining and successful delivery fully witnesses CQPI development process to go global in good interpretation of CQPI speed and strength.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary under Chongqing Machinery and Electric Holding Group (CME), CQPI is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and service of industrial pumps. It is widely used in steel, mining, metallurgy, oil & gas, chemical, power, municipal, civil nuclear and other fields, with global exports to more than 30 countries and regions.

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